Allegiant Partners

...experts in finding out what your customers really think...and what they really want



Do you use a standard set of questions?

No. Our interview formats are designed specifically for each client. We work with you to determine the questions that will be asked. The interview formats are designed to elicit the type of information required to understand the issues and opportunities in your accounts.

We have good relationships with our customers. What can you find out that we don’t already know?

In even the best of relationships, open communication is often hindered by the simple fact that, despite having mutual interests, each party also has its own vested ones. Neither the supplier nor the customer is specifically responsible for ensuring an unfettered flow of unbiased, accurate information. But this is exactly the function Allegiant Partners carries out. As a result, you can learn about:

  • The problems, issues, and opportunities as seen by their customer.

  • The implications of the problems, issues, and opportunities as seen by your customer.

  • How your customer wants the relationship to evolve, and any gaps they see in your ability to deliver.

Are people really willing to spend time on the telephone being interviewed?

Yes. Our average response rate is 92%. This is extremely high and is due to a number of factors:

  • The selection process. By choosing interviewees who have a vested interest in your products and services, it is to their benefit to be heard.

  • The contact process. Our process for establishing contact with the interviewee is well thought out, respectful of his or her time, and tends to be very much appreciated.

  • The telephone. People are much more willing to give of their time if spent over the telephone as opposed to a face-to-face meeting or a written survey.

  • The interviewer. We are an outside party. We have no hidden agenda. We are not there to sell for our client. Our interest is purely to enable the interviewee to have a voice.