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...experts in finding out what your customers really think...and what they really want

Think about your most profitable customers.

Why do they remain loyal?

What are their top priorities for improvement from you this year?

When one of them defects, do you know the real reasons why you have lost their loyalty? (Hint: it is almost never price.)

Do you know where they go and why?

Do you know how likely your top customers are to do business with you again in the future?

When your salespeople pursue new business, do you know the real reasons why your company wins? Do you know why you lose? (Hint: it is almost never price.)

We are Allegiant Partners. We specialize in providing our clients with critical insight about why your most profitable customers stay or why they leave, why you win and why you lose. We develop these insights by gathering detailed customer feedback in comprehensive telephone interviews. We get their side of the story, which they are far more likely to disclose to a neutral third-party than to you.

We operate worldwide in such diverse industries as airlines, graphic communications, financial services, medical and surgical equipment, publishing, software development, telecommunications, and travel and hospitality enterprises. We have a team of local-language interviewers throughout the world.

Unhappy with your win ratio?

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The customer data we gather... provocative, action-oriented, and brimming with essential knowledge you can act upon with confidence.

We gather the data, analyze it, and advise you on specific actions that will help you strengthen your relationships.

Customer satisfaction surveys, focus groups, and anecdotal information from the sales force are a poor measure of client loyalty. These methods do not encourage honest and specific customer feedback.

Focus groups, for example, tell more about group dynamics than about market dynamics.

Written surveys furnish reams of quantitative data, but no explanation of the thinking behind the numbers.

Salespeople are often as dismayed as anyone at the loss of a lucrative deal or, worse, a loyal client.

“Managers today are drowning in data,” said Jaclyn R. Jeffrey, founder and president of Allegiant Partners. “They need insight that that helps them make day-to-day decisions that enhance profitability, increase value for customers, and differentiate their company from their competition.”

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